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Launched in 2002, Fashionline showcases emerging talents in all areas relating to fashion such as designers, photography, models, as well  as interior / architectural design, theatre / film and music. Fashionline is always keen to encourage young fashion students from Colleges  and Universities, across the Country and beyond.

A bi-monthly publication, Fashionline is distributed globally; pan European, Asia, North America and Canada and it is also available  digitally.

Audience: brand savvy 18-35 year old graduates, students, fashion enthusiast and professionals actively involved in all genres of fashion,  those in the fashion industries, design houses always on the lookout for new design-talents. 53% male 47% female. Trendsetting high  achievers, consummate consumers, witty wordsmiths, cutting edge cosmopolitans, well travelled free thinkers, proactive ABC1s, but  also appeal to other age groups.

Fashionline is a fertile hunting ground for talent spotters. The magazine offers commercial opportunities as both product and service. As  a magazine, it is a clearly defined product with its own brand style and image to be bought and subscribed to by both a specialist and  broader consumer. It is popular and heavily subscribed to by Art & Fashion students across the Country. The magazine’s unique concept  appeals to fashion trade, designers and fashion enthusiasts of all ages.

We always have a significant presence in many high profile media events including fashion shows / exhibitions, awards ceremonies,  launches and other promotional activities throughout the year.