Our launch date is approaching

written by Editor January 7, 2017


Designer: Rosie Colvin

It really isn’t that far away until we head to print and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We have so many brands, new talents and an array of trends to showcase to you, all of which are experts in their fields or up and coming in their own individual industries.

Our sole aim as a publication is to be the first of its kind to give a platform to start up businesses, fresh graduates and provide on the pulse news updates regarding new trends in a variety of areas. Don’t get us wrong, setting up this magazine from scratch has been a tough job, but it has all been worth it for the amount of people we have been lucky enough to meet and work with.

From photographers to stylists and designers to artists, the names we have coincided with are going to take the fashion and art world by storm in the next few years. We couldn’t be more delighted that it will be here at Fashionline that you will get to hear about them first and to start them on their incredible journey that leads them into a world that appreciates their talent as much as we do.¬†We never originally thought that we had an eye for talent, for seeing that potential in someone from a very early onset, but it turns out that we do and our lives have in fact crossed with many of the people featured in our first issue, before even themselves knew what it was they wanted to achieve.

We may be just another magazine on the bookshelf, another fashion publication that you flick through on the newsstand, but whether you interact with us for a lifetime or for a few mere seconds, it is our pleasure to bring to you some of the outstanding work that sits unknowingly, amongst us.





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